Ready Writer’s Prophetic Scribe Ministry

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Ready Writer’s Prophetic Writing Ministry was founded by Deborah Esther Nyamekye in November 2015 and is part of Bear witness-Forerunner Ministries International.

This is where Deborah’s God given call to write as a Prophetic Scribe, a published author and poet takes effect. She is led by God to write

1.Inspirational teachings that are styled as
-moral/motivational discourse
-prophetic Counsel

2.Exhortations & declarations
about the believer’s
-calling rooted in their identity and destiny
-delegated power and authority
-victory in Christ
6.Prophetic words/Prophecy or Words of Knowledge,  given by God to impart to others.
7.Prayer /Intercession Convocations
8.Inspirational & uplifting quotes or “Snapshots of Wisdom”

Deborah has received the call of God to write since 1994, when she heard from the LORD personally and then in 2000, a prophet at a Christian International Conference in the UK, prophesied that God has called her to write books and that He will give her what to write.

Deborah is a God ordained encourager and motivator to Christians and those searching for the meaning of life for the purpose of helping them to attain the fullness of their predestined prophetic identity and destiny as according to the will of God.

Deborah speaks of a recent incident as follows “On 7th April 2016 a sister in Christ who does not know anything about me, in fact I was speaking to her for the first time (I had just told her she was a prophet and she said it was a confirmation as she has received the same words), said that she sensed the Lord telling her the following about me “You are an encourager, a great encourager. God uses you to encourage people. It brings them hope… a very strong teaching gift”.”

With this calling as a foundation, Deborah  has been raised to write teachings, devotionals, poetry, praise exaltations and prayers as discipleship, inspirational or motivational tools for believers in Christ as well as evangelistic tools to present God and His Christ to the World.

This Ministry has the following outlets;
Ready Writer Prophetic Scribe Ministry Facebook page,
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-Websites/Blog and a Publishing Company/Books for Sale
as follows


Articles posted in the blog are mainly  authored by Deborah Esther as inspired by the Holy Spirit. Quotes and inclusions from other authors are referenced.

The Blog is namely Ready Writer’s Manna from on High (click here for blog). Writings include:

  1. Devotionals or Teachings on different topics or subjects, at times includes poetry or prayer or both.
  2. Plain Speaking & Counsel Series – blunt, to the point narrative (without mincing words so to speak!) & counsel relating to a moral matter or subject requiring our attention as children of God.
  3. Hepzibah’s Visitations Series – This is a series in which the Most Noble Counsellor (Holy Spirit) sent by God appears to Hepzibah about issues in her life and gives her counsel/teaching, encouragement or warning etc…based solely on scripture.
  4. Poetry
    These Prophetic Poems, Godhead Praise series & Prayers are inspired by the Holy Spirit and honour God’s sovereignty as Creator, controller of the universe and Saviour through our Messiah, Jesus Christ.
    Poems: The style is either storytelling, testimonial, praise or preaching of the Gospel and fundamentally based on scripture and the Christian experience.
    Some poems relate to Deborah Esther’s inspired train of thought in relation to specific topics or incidents in everyday life i.e. finding God in moments of silence.
    Some express who God and Jesus Christ are, their nature or Character and ascribe glory to them.
    Others are in the form of
    a) preaching or counselling revealing different aspects of the Christian life such as love for God, what the kingdom of God is about or entails and more.
    b) testimonies of God’s love, restored intimacy, destiny or salvation and general breakthrough by God’s hand.
    c) storytelling about the life of
    -biblical personalities as presented in the bible i.e. Jesus Christ
    -fictitious people whose lives are recounted to reflect the consequences of wrong decisions and choices and the futility of life without God. There is a revelation of God’s grace for their deliverance, healing & restoration.
    -a Christian who testifies about what God has done generally or about a specific matter.
  5. Prayers: directly from scripture or formulated by Deborah.

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In the second half of 2016, Deborah was asked by My Trending Stories (MTS), an online secular magazine to be on their team of writers who write under diverse categories. The request to be a “Religion/Inspirational/Bible” writer was something she readily accepted because although  many people from all continents are following her blog or reading her posts joining MTS’ team of writers would give her greater exposure and the ability to therefore share her inspirational writers (that give glory to the God of our Lord Jesus Christ) to a much greater audience from around the world.

For Deborah’s page on MTS, please click here

Deborah also became one of the team columnists and regular contributor of articles on Nice Column by Shira, a Christian online magazine whose Founder and CEO is the Inspirational Writer and Speaker Shira Garnett.

For Deborah’s Column, please click here


Light of the World-John8.12 publishing is the publishing company founded by Deborah in February 2016 for the purpose of publishing her books and as God permits, books by other authors
in the future.

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Our Newsletter aims to enlighten, encourage and bless our precious readers abundantly with devotionals, inspirational teachings, prophecies, poetry and much more.

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 June 2017
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Deborah E. Nyamekye began writing and publishing books that are inspirational teachings, devotionals and poetry from a Christian perspective in 2014 .


Visit & like my Facebook page called “Books&Blogs by Author Deborah Esther Nyamekye”

A page with prefaces/table of contents of books & excerpts.

Amazon Author Central Page click here

 Links to paperbacks on Amazon  only shown here. However  e-books are also available.  

Volume 1 & 2 Treasures of Wisdom Series of books 

Title –  “God’s Ways are Higher” (Volume 1)
packed with biblical case studies and incidents with much Scriptural references. It is a book with teachings and exhortations about God’s ways or wisdom which at times seem foolish to man’s limited understanding and perception. The articles per chapter are styled as devotional and inspirational teachings.
Paperback: $7.50 /£6.50
Kindle (e-book): $3.88 / £2.99

To purchase book, click here

Title –  Wielding the Sword of the Spirit (Volume 2)
Each chapter with inter-relating teachings & poetry will inspire and encourage you in your Christian walk drawing you closer to God through Jesus Christ.

These series are great for personal & group enjoyment and discipleship.

Paperback: $ 8.50 /£7.50
Kindle (e-book): $5.18 / £3.99

To purchase book, click here

Title – Love Intertwined : Behold Jesus Christ & His Beloved Disciples 

To purchase book, click here

Paperback: $9.99 / £8.99
Kindle (e-book): $6.47 /£4.99

This book is an easy to read, concise bible study, bible meditation & devotional all rolled in one!! for new or mature Christians & those searching for the meaning of life.
Besides yourself do you know anyone who could benefit from this book? It can be given as a gift, used in discipleship/training & small group or cell meetings or for personal use.

It is rich in basic or fundamental Christian truths and facts i.e the deity of Jesus, type of disciples he seeks & those who qualify to be his friends…Such information is drawn from Christ’s I Am sayings & other conversations etc..

It is a call to intimacy/ relationship with God through obedience & holiness –
A message that is vital in this final hour before Jesus’ return.

Our God Reigns: Inspirational Prophetic Christian Poetry
(Volume 1 & 2) 

Poems cover a wide range of topics for the purpose of

-praising God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit,
-inspiring and encouraging believers in Jesus in their daily Christian walk as well as those interested in the Christian faith.

There are diverse categories of poems about a believer’s testimonial of redemption and surrender to God with some presented as “Redemption Storytelling” using fictitious characters, often dramatised with the intent of conveying the power of salvation to transform lives. There are poems about the general Christian walk and morality. Some are intended clearly to motivate, encourage or uplift and give prophetic counsel.

The Author/Poet has also been inspired by God to write poems that are in themselves prophetic encouragement and speak of God’s control over the believers’ identity, destiny and purpose as well as His promises, provision and blessing. At times quotes from scripture either make up part of the poems or are referenced below the poems as key scriptures which inspired the poem in question.

Price: (per copy)
Paperback: $5.50/ £3.99
Kindle (e-book): $2.99 / £1.99

The Chapters the books are as follows

Volume 1
1.God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit.
2.The Kingdom of God and the Soon Coming.
3.Moral & Motivational Discourse, Wise Sayings & Prophetic Counsel

To purchase books, click here

Volume 2
1.Intimacy with God & Life in His Service
2.Redemption by Jesus Christ, The Messiah
3.Prophetic Encouragement
-God’s Control over One’s Identity, Destiny & Purpose.
-God’s Promises and Blessings.

To purchase books, click here




Psalm 45:1 “…My tongue is the Pen of a Ready Writer”, A Prophetic Writing Ministry inspired by the Holy Spirit

THEME WITHIN TAGLINE SCRIPTURE: John Wesley’s Explanatory notes:“My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.” (Psalm 45:1 KJV)

Inditing – Heb. boileth, or bubbleth up like water over the fire. This denotes that the workings of his heart, were fervent and vehement, kindled by God’s grace, and the inspiration of the Holy Ghost. Made – Have composed. Pen – He was only the pen or instrument in uttering this song; it was the spirit of God, by whose hand this pen was guided.

(Source: John Wesley’s Explanatory Notes taken from

“The words of the Lord are Pure Words, as silver tried in the furnace of the earth, purified seven times”(Psalm 12:6)

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