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by Author Deborah E. Nyamekye


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A page with prefaces/table of contents of books & excerpts.

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Volume 1 & 2 Treasures of Wisdom Series of books 

Title –  “God’s Ways are Higher” (Volume 1)
packed with biblical case studies and incidents with much Scriptural references. It is a book with teachings and exhortations about God’s ways or wisdom which at times seem foolish to man’s limited understanding and perception. The articles per chapter are styled as devotional and inspirational teachings.
Paperback: $7.50 /£6.50
Kindle (e-book): $3.88 / £2.99

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Title –  Wielding the Sword of the Spirit (Volume 2)
Each chapter with inter-relating teachings & poetry will inspire and encourage you in your Christian walk drawing you closer to God through Jesus Christ.

These series are great for personal & group enjoyment and discipleship.

Paperback: $ 8.50 /£7.50
Kindle (e-book): $5.18 / £3.99

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Title – Love Intertwined : Behold Jesus Christ & His Beloved Disciples 

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Paperback: $9.99 / £8.99
Kindle (e-book): $6.47 /£4.99

This book is an easy to read, concise bible study, bible meditation & devotional all rolled in one!! for new or mature Christians & those searching for the meaning of life.
Besides yourself do you know anyone who could benefit from this book? It can be given as a gift, used in discipleship/training & small group or cell meetings or for personal use.

It is rich in basic or fundamental Christian truths and facts i.e the deity of Jesus, type of disciples he seeks & those who qualify to be his friends…Such information is drawn from Christ’s I Am sayings & other conversations etc..

It is a call to intimacy/ relationship with God through obedience & holiness –
A message that is vital in this final hour before Jesus’ return.

Our God Reigns: Inspirational Prophetic Christian Poetry
(Volume 1 & 2) 

Poems cover a wide range of topics for the purpose of

-praising God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit,
-inspiring and encouraging believers in Jesus in their daily Christian walk as well as those interested in the Christian faith.

There are diverse categories of poems about a believer’s testimonial of redemption and surrender to God with some presented as “Redemption Storytelling” using fictitious characters, often dramatised with the intent of conveying the power of salvation to transform lives. There are poems about the general Christian walk and morality. Some are intended clearly to motivate, encourage or uplift and give prophetic counsel.

The Author/Poet has also been inspired by God to write poems that are in themselves prophetic encouragement and speak of God’s control over the believers’ identity, destiny and purpose as well as His promises, provision and blessing. At times quotes from scripture either make up part of the poems or are referenced below the poems as key scriptures which inspired the poem in question.

Price: (per copy)
Paperback: $5.50/ £3.99
Kindle (e-book): $2.99 / £1.99

The Chapters the books are as follows

Volume 1
1.God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit.
2.The Kingdom of God and the Soon Coming.
3.Moral & Motivational Discourse, Wise Sayings & Prophetic Counsel

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Volume 2
1.Intimacy with God & Life in His Service
2.Redemption by Jesus Christ, The Messiah
3.Prophetic Encouragement
-God’s Control over One’s Identity, Destiny & Purpose.
-God’s Promises and Blessings.

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