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Arise & Shine Prophetic Seminar, 10th June 2017

We combine practical teaching, prophetic encouragement, activation & motivational training. There will also be anointed worship & a group of Prophetic Dancers.

Tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite click here

Maranatha Encounters Ministry’s 3rd Event:
A divine appointment awaits you!

Combining practical teaching, prophetic & motivational Training for Men & Women
This is an exciting event to encourage you to soar even further into greater heights in God; deepen your intimacy and increase your natural and spiritual ability or know-how in relation to living and serving Him in every area of your life.

In addition to speakers whose teachings will focus on biblical topics relating to identity, destiny and holiness, there will be anointed worship, prayer and prophetic ministry. You will be challenged to hear and “see” (e.g prophetic words, visions, pictures & words of knowledge) by the leading of the Holy Spirit for others during the “In Full Bloom” Prophetic & Motivational training exercise.
The In Full Bloom Prophetic & Motivational Training Exercise, In summary it is:
A partner to partner assessment & review of what they have to offer in the way of skills, talents and gifts against what they are currently doing e.g. Jobs,volunteer work, church ministry and hobbies. Are they utilising what they have to offer to the world to their full potential? If not why?
This includes giving each other counsel by the leading of the Holy Spirit and praying for each other.
The training exercise will this time and from here on incorporate a prophetic activation session where individuals seek to hear God, receive words of knowledge, visions or pictures for others.

Tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite click here

EARLY BIRD tickets 20th March £13.50 until 30th April 2017
Standard Price: 1st May £20.00 until 9th June 2017

1. Deborah Esther Nyamekye, Host/organiser, Prophetess, Teacher/Trainer & Author
Deborah has a writing, teaching & prophetic ministry and is the founder of Maranatha Encounters Ministry (prophetic, intercessory prayer & teaching events and prayer & prophecy ministration via web-mail), a subsidiary of Bearwitness-Forerunner Ministries International which also encompasses Ready Writer Prophetic Ministry, a writing & publication ministry.
Deborah has served the body of Christ in many capacities in evangelism, cell leadership, healing/ministry team and church administration. This also includes being part of the prophetic team of a local London church for five years and for a time on the prophetic team of Christian International Europe ( Deborah also pioneered the intercessory prayer ministry of a local London church and served as their lead coordinator for a time. Deborah is also a prolific Christian writer/poet and a published author of inspirational books ( She is currently a member of an Apostolic network of churches, International Ministers’ Fellowship and a member of the prophetic & prayer ministry team at her home church. website:

2.Frank Elijah Nnabue is the vision bearer and overseer of Global Harvest of Souls Ministries. He is a revivalist, evangelism & prophetic trainer, motivational and conference speaker. Through his ministration, many souls have been saved, healed and delivered from the kingdom of darkness.
Frank and his wife Evangelist Mavis Jessica Nnabue served for a time as Resident Directors of Evangelism & Missions at their local church. He now Oversees Global Harvest of Souls Ministries, a ministry with revival and prayer conferences as well as a mandate to train churches in evangelism and church planting strategies.

3.Aileen Jacobus: While a nurse in Zimbabwe she became a zealous member of the Hospital Christian Fellowship where she received the mantel of intercession, serving God as an anointed intercessor and teacher through her Ministry, Streams in the Desert. Aileen has also served in partnership with many ministries.
Her compassionate nature as one who painstakingly encourages and counsels multitudes has made her popular among her mentors as a unique spiritual midwife and nurse who can be trusted. Aileen is married with children and grandchildren.

Testimonials about the Motivational Training Exercise from two seminars:
a) Seminar of 11th Feb 2017 (Arise & Shine Prophetic Seminar)
Pair Y.M/W.P
Y.M – I feel confident knowing that I can hear from God and give direction because I used to doubt myself a lot in regards to my memory and mind. This exercise has helped me to have confidence in myself that I can encourage others and be influential.
W.P spoke about the fact that she felt I should be teaching and motivating people (given my skills/talents/gifts & qualifications). When I was younger, I used to have quite a bad speech impediment, but when I started to speak more to people, the stammering has decreased. I used to see myself teaching in the past, but then I used to doubt I could do it because of stammering. But now W.P has confirmed that she sees me teaching, and as the stammering has decreased, I will look into it. What I have learnt from this exercise is that even if you cannot see yourself now as you will be in the future, you can get there; God will take you there . He will unravel gradually what is in your life, to get you there. So I feel so encouraged.

W.P – Because I am one of the speakers of this Seminar, Deborah thought I may not have wanted to take part in the exercise but speakers have to realise that God has taken them somewhere and they are still going somewhere. Y.M is a divine connection, I believe in divine connections. She told me that I am capable of running workshops. This is true; I run workshops for youth and adults which are self funded and free for attendees. I have been looking for a scheme whereby I can get funding which would enable me to continue self funding my workshops and offering them for free. Yvonne did not know of these plans, but she advised me (thus confirming) that I should advise small business and as a result generate funds by doing so. She has no idea that I do mentoring and coaching for free. I thank God for using you.

b)Seminar of 2nd July 2016 (Rise-Up thou Anointed & Favoured of God! Seminar)

E.A’s Feedback – I found the exercise really helpful. It released a lot of inspiration and was able to unlock a lot of things that have been kept buried and kept on a back burner which has been brought more to the forefront. Obviously even when we go home, we can begin to release those things to the Father and re-engage in so many areas.I really felt it really helped me to flow, to minister to our sister here inspirationally as well. I really felt it also brought a level of bonding and intimacy with people you are actually doing the exercise with.”

L.L’s Feedback – “This is an amazing tool! I do coaching and training … It really impacted me.. X (her friend) has been speaking to me about ministry and I am like no! It really made an impact on me, so I can actually go to the Father now and say “ok let’s do this, I don’t want to say I don’t want to do this because I know I can by your strength so how can I do this?” You need to go to churches with this. I am serious, also leaders in churches so they can then impart it to their churches. This is because we don’t do this in churches, we do it at work. This is a framework that can help people connect their talents with their choice of career path.”

Looking forward to seeing you !
Be sure not to miss this appointment with God in the power of the Holy Spirit!

EARLY BIRD ticket 20th March £13.50 until 30th April 2017

                                        STANDARD ticket: 1st May £20.00 until 9th June 2017

Tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite click here

For queries email:

Directions to the Seminar venue: URC, Rookstone Road, Tooting Broadway SW17 9 NQ
Link to Map click here
From Tooting Broadway station exit, turn right walk up (the same side of the road) Mitcham Road past Sainsburys, McDonalds, walk past the first turning on the right, Bickley Street and past the second road on the right, Mellison Road. The third road on the right is Rookstone Road, facing you on the left hand side of the road is the United Reform Church (URC).

Buses: All the following buses serve Mitcham Road close to Tooting Broadway Station: 44, 77, 264, 270, 280, 355. 


The “In Full Bloom” Motivational Exercise is an effective training tool that will be used at the 11th February 2017 event:

This is what Deborah says: “This God inspired exercise is a powerful inspirational prophetic tool to enable a pair to help each other effectively match their gifts, talents and skills with the most appropriate or suitable career, church ministry or volunteer work pathways for them. Individuals are awakened to the fullness of their God given capabilities as never before and are encouraged to pursue goals that encourage them to utilise their capabilities to the maximum. Each person is encouraged through the exercise to use their gifts of discernment/intuition, wisdom, knowledge and prophecy with the person they are paired with. They will be surprised at how God can use them for others in this type of exercise more than they ever thought. They may also discover God given gifts which have lain dormant or they did not know were there.”

See Maranatha Encounters Ministry for testimonials  of Motivational Exercise when us at a seminar in July 2016.

“Pulling identity & destiny out of God’s people by combining practical teaching (identity, destiny, holiness) prophecy & motivational training”


by Author Deborah E. Nyamekye


visit & like my Facebook page called “Inspiring & Transformational Books by Author Deborah Esther Nyamekye”

A page with prefaces/table of contents of books & excerpts.

Amazon Author Central Page click here

 Links to paperbacks on Amazon  only shown herE. However  e-books are also available.  

Volume 1 & 2 Treasures of Wisdom Series of books 

Title –  “God’s Ways are Higher” (Volume 1)
packed with biblical case studies and incidents with much Scriptural references. It is a book with teachings and exhortations about God’s ways or wisdom which at times seem foolish to man’s limited understanding and perception. The articles per chapter are styled as devotional and inspirational teachings.

To purchase book, click here

Title –  Wielding the Sword of the Spirit (Volume 2)
Each chapter with inter-relating teachings & poetry will inspire and encourage you in your Christian walk drawing you closer to God through Jesus Christ.

These series are great for personal & group enjoyment and discipleship.

Price: $ 7.50 per copy (Volume 1 & 2)

To purchase book, click here

Title – Love Intertwined : Behold Jesus Christ & His Beloved Disciples 

To purchase book, click here

Ifor Deborah Nyamekye’s
Amazon Author Central Page

Price: $6.50

This book is an easy to read, concise bible study, bible meditation & devotional all rolled in one!! for new or mature Christians & those searching for the meaning of life.
Besides yourself do you know anyone who could benefit from this book? It can be given as a gift, used in discipleship/training & small group or cell meetings or for personal use.

It is rich in basic or fundamental Christian truths and facts i.e the deity of Jesus, type of disciples he seeks & those who qualify to be his friends…Such information is drawn from Christ’s I Am sayings & other conversations etc..

It is a call to intimacy/ relationship with God through obedience & holiness –
A message that is vital in this final hour before Jesus’ return.

Our God Reigns: Inspirational Prophetic Christian Poetry
(Volume 1 & 2) 


Poems cover a wide range of topics for the purpose of

-praising God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit,
-inspiring and encouraging believers in Jesus in their daily Christian walk as well as those interested in the Christian faith.

There are diverse categories of poems about a believer’s testimonial of redemption and surrender to God with some presented as “Redemption Storytelling” using fictitious characters, often dramatised with the intent of conveying the power of salvation to transform lives. There are poems about the general Christian walk and morality. Some are intended clearly to motivate, encourage or uplift and give prophetic counsel.

The Author/Poet has also been inspired by God to write poems that are in themselves prophetic encouragement and speak of God’s control over the believers’ identity, destiny and purpose as well as His promises, provision and blessing. At times quotes from scripture either make up part of the poems or are referenced below the poems as key scriptures which inspired the poem in question.

The Chapters the books are as follows

Volume 1
1.God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit.
2.The Kingdom of God and the Soon Coming.
3.Moral & Motivational Discourse, Wise Sayings & Prophetic Counsel

To purchase books, click here

Volume 2
1.Intimacy with God & Life in His Service
2.Redemption by Jesus Christ, The Messiah
3.Prophetic Encouragement
-God’s Control over One’s Identity, Destiny & Purpose.
-God’s Promises and Blessings.

Price: $ 6.50 per copy

E-Books are available for sale online on

To purchase books, click here


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