In Full-Bloom Prophetic & Motivational Workshop

People are paired for an assessment exercise involving prayer at the beginning & at the end. This is what Minister Deborah says about the In Full-Bloom Exercise used to deliver the training.
“This God inspired exercise is a powerful inspirational prophetic tool to enable a pair to help each other effectively match their gifts, talents and skills with the most appropriate or suitable career, church ministry or volunteer work pathways for them. Individuals are awakened to the fullness of their God given capabilities as never before and are encouraged to pursue goals that encourage them to utilise their capabilities to the maximum. Each person is encouraged through the exercise to use their gifts of discernment/intuition, wisdom, knowledge and prophecy with the person they are paired with. They will be surprised at how God can use them for others in this type of exercise more than they ever thought. They may also discover God given gifts which have lain dormant or they did not know were there.
Many people do not know or are unclear about their career path or ministerial call. They not only need prayer but also forums or teaching and training sessions where they can learn and receive counsel as well as hear from God in various ways.
This is also why I have a passion to teach, train and encourage people that God is not only real but He is concerned about you knowing and fulfilling your predestined destiny. You have what it takes to excel in all areas of life. His plan is that we will be whole spiritually and naturally and a benefit to families, communities and nations”
While motivational tools are important, holiness (elements: obedience, repentance and forgiveness) is key which is why this forms part of the core teaching at Maranatha Encounter Ministry seminars.”
This training was delivered at two Seminar (with teaching on identity, destiny & holiness) in 2016 and early 2017.
Some feedback /testimonials from the seminars:
1)Rise-Up Thou Anointed & favoured of God Seminar on 2nd July 2016, London:
E.A’s Feedback – I found the exercise really helpful. It released a lot of inspiration and was able to unlock a lot of things that have been kept buried and kept on a back burner which has been brought more to the forefront. Obviously even when we go home, we can begin to release those things to the Father and re-engage in so many areas. I really felt it really helped me to flow, to minister to our sister here inspirationally as well. I really felt it also brought a level of bonding and intimacy with people you are actually doing the exercise with.”
L.L’s Feedback – “This is an amazing tool! I do coaching and training … It really impacted me.. X (her friend) has been speaking to me about ministry and I am like no! It really made an impact on me, so I can actually go to the Father now and say “ok let’s do this, I don’t want to say I don’t want to do this because I know I can by your strength so how can I do this?” You need to go to churches with this. I am serious, also leaders in churches so they can then impart it to their churches. This is because we don’t do this in churches, we do it at work. This is a framework that can help people connect their talents with their choice of career path.”
2) Arise & Shine Prophetic Seminar on 11th February 2017, London
E.B & EE pair testified:
E.B: everything E.E wrote (what she thought I could do given my skills/talents/gifts & qualifications) was very spot on, describing me a teacher and youth worker which were confirmations. Things I keep running away from but God keeps bringing me back to those things, which I found very encouraging. It also helped me not to doubt myself so much and to know that these are gifts from God and your gifts will make room for you to grow.
E.E:.I also found this exercise quite insightful. There is something that E.B  wrote, which when I read it, I started to cry because it is something that God spoke to me about in the place of prayer. (When God spoke to me) I said “I am not really a writer, I don’t know how to write stuff.. how can I be a writer when I write very few words?” E.B was so spot on, even though I feel that I have achieved a lot in my career, there is still loads I have to do.I still feel challenged that I am not really where I am supposed to be and I should go out and do more.
To read more about the In Full-Bloom training and more feedback or testimonials go to Maranatha Encounters Ministry page
NOTE: Small group (12-20 people) seminars are planned,
– if you are interested in partaking of a seminar or
-if you are a ministry leader and would like this workshop/training delivered at your event
contact Minister Deborah by clicking here or email:

Cost: Free, but a donation of any amount to Bearwitness-Forerunner Ministries Int. (a not-for profit charity) is welcome.

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