Self- Publishing & Poetry/Creative Writing Consultancy/Tutorials

One on One or Group Consultancy/Tutorials offered by Self-Publisher & Author (Poet/Writer) Deborah E. Nyamekye

📚 Self-Publishing Consultancy
Have you desired to publish your writings or those on behalf of someone else, such as
🖌autobiography 🖌inspirational/motivational teachings 🖌devotionals 🖌Novels or short stories 🖌Poetry 🖌sermons
🗄 Why should your writings remain filed & collect dust when they could be a blessing to multitudes?
A self-published author of five Inspirational books currently on sale, I will teach you a free self-publishing process which enables you to create your books from scratch e.g. uploading your manuscript into a template size of your choice, editing & creating your own cover or adjusting a cover template at will.
I will show you how to
📕Self publish a paperback or e-book (kindle) on Amazon’s online publishing platforms.
📗This tutorial will also include the process of how to
*Acquire an ISBN number.
*List your completed book in renowned book registers/databases &
*Legal deposition of your book after publication.
and more…

📚Poetry & Creative Writing Tutorials (one on one or group Workshops)
🖌Do you feel you have writing skills but don’t know where to begin?
🖌Do you just want to explore this area of creativity…who knows, you might end up un-tapping a dormant skill!
🖌Do you think some exercises, tips and advice from someone who has experience is just what you need?
Cost: Free, but a donation of any amount to Bearwitness-Forerunner Ministries Int. (a not-for profit charity) is welcome.
Contact: Minister Deborah Esther Nyamekye for information and bookings by clicking here or

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