Poems of Inspiration

Jesus is Coming

MARANATHA! (Come Lord Jesus!)

The sound from Heaven
is as the roar of rushing waters.
The voice of God as the noise
of the harp.
In reverence,
people listen.
The sound of thunder
is as a harsh voice
a rebuke,
beckoning lightening
and floods of rain,
fearful people shut their ears
and take cover.

The sound of rain awaited
in a tropical terrain,
whether harsh
or soft
is as sweet melodies.
Joyful people lend their ears,
for they longed for
it’s coming.

The sound of the Messiah
when he comes in the clouds,
will be heard,
a longing fulfilled.
The sound,
whether as rushing waters,
thunder or awaited rain,
harsh or soft
is a triviality
of no avail,
for the gravity of
his Coming is
in the most blessed detail.

The sound of the Bride
in her choral chants
and intercession,
is heard day and night.
And with the Spirit says
“Come.” Let anyone who hears this say,
“Come.” Let anyone who is thirsty come.
Let anyone who desires drink freely
from the water of life…
“…Amen Even so, come, Lord Jesus! ”

(Scriptures: Rev. 14:2, Rev 22:17-20)
©Deborah E. Nyamekye 30/03/2016

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Finding God in Silence

Loving God,
teach me to be silent,
so that I can stay close to you
and listen as you speak
within my heart and through
what I see, hear and what men speak.
In silence, I listen and find you in me.

In every living thing, the life cycle
And life’s ups and downs your
voice can be heard and your presence felt.
In silence, I listen and find you in everything.

I thank you for your gift of silence,
as a cord linking me to your heart
and as a key that unlocks your
treasured words of truth into mine.
In silence, I listen and find you in me.

©Deborah E.Nyamekye 23/03/2016
Inspired at Quiet Day Retreat entitled
“Stay with me” (practicing silence) 23/03/2016

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