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Transcription of Feedback (recording) from Delegates at the first quarterly Prophetic Identity, Destiny and Holiness Gathering (formerly Seminar) entitled “Rise-Up, Thou Anointed & Favoured of God!” on 2nd July 2016.

“It’s an amazing tool!” Delegate L.L

1.Brief Explanation (purpose etc) and
2.Feedback from delegates at first quarterly Prophetic Identity, Destiny and Holiness Gathering (formerly Seminar) entitled “Rise-Up, Thou Anointed & Favoured of God!” on 2nd July 2016.


This exercise was God given in June 2016 to Deborah E. Nyamekye, founder of Maranatha Encounters Ministry which organises revival gatherings and has an online prayer & prophetic encouragement platform. Deborah first used the In Full Bloom motivational exercise at the quarterly Prophetic Identity, Destiny and Holiness Gathering (formerly Seminar) entitled “Rise-Up, Thou Anointed & Favoured of God!” that she organised and hosted on 2nd July 2016.

This motivational exercise is undertaken in pairs. Deborah said “This God inspired exercise I produced is a powerful inspirational prophetic tool to enable a pair to help each other effectively match their gifts, talents and skills with the most appropriate or suitable career, church ministry or volunteer work pathways for them. Individuals are awakened to the fullness of their God given capabilities as never before and are encouraged to pursue goals that encourage them to utilise their capabilities to the maximum”


During the exercise, there are questions to answer in relation to one’s partner’s key information they noted and shared and a request to give conclusive advice and encouragement to one’s partner.

There is encouragement to pray while undertaking the exercise and finally to pray with one’s partner.


The process of this exercise enables paired partners to

1)see and highlight from looking at a partner’s gifts, talents and skills (natural or acquired through education) the type of careers, volunteer work (church/secular) and hobbies (all three categories) they are capable of doing in addition to what they have already noted.

2) answer specific questions on paper about their partner (if they were in their shoes) in relation to what they have to offer the world and how they are doing so. Another question is “what advice or words of encouragement would you give your partner?”

3) discuss with their partner the information they shared and their answers to questions about their partner (if they were in their shoes).

The partner then compares these answers to the answers they gave to the same questions which their partner did not know about.

They are encouraged to verbally discuss notes written down including advise and pray for one another.


The purpose is to enable individuals to

– see what they had to offer in the way of gifts, skills and talents in a more positive way (i.e their worth and relevance) than they had before the exercise.

-realise (the 3 categories of possible careers, volunteer work/ministry or hobbies, their partner noted in addition to what they had already put down while assessing their gifts, talents and skills) that what they had to offer could be utilised in ways they had not even thought about or had dismissed. Also what the specific ways are.

Thus each individual is highlighted the fact that they have within them what it takes or the potential to (some or all)!

-be more of a blessing than they are in the world in several ways.

-make more of a difference in the lives of others.

-make career choices that suit who they truly are or their capabilities learnt or natural gifts, talents and skills.

As one participant of the exercise on 2nd July 2016 put it “This is a framework that can help people connect their talents with their choice of career path”

– be affirmed and confident in applying for a particular job, engaging in ministry, volunteer work or a hobby that they would have hesitated to do in the past.

-be more confident in the relevance of their current gifts, talents and skills to what they do and what they could do or would like to do in the future.

-be much happier, more fulfilled and better able to excel if they see the worth of their gifts, talents and skills and capitalise on it in making the right career, volunteer work, church ministry and hobby choices.

In Pairs:

The fact that it is done in pairs also enables each partner to understand that they have a God given ability to discern, utilise God given wisdom and revelation in order to “pull out” or bring to the fore potential or destiny from within someone else.

We are all prophetic by virtue of indwelling Holy Spirit:

As Deborah said at the end of the first gathering of MEM on 2nd July “when I began this exercise, I never once mentioned the word “prophetic” but listening to all your feedback with phrases that express how God has used someone who is “very sharp, very prophetic” for your sake and He has allowed you to speak “inspirationally” into the life of another.

This exercise affirms and underlines the fact that everyone who is a born again Christian, a believer in Jesus and has the Spirit of God dwelling in them is “prophetic” because the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of prophecy, the testimony of Jesus and knows the mind, will and wisdom of God and communicates them to us (1 Corinth. 2 and Rev 19:11). God is able to use us for the sake of one another by His Holy Spirit indwelling us.

(c) Copyright – In Full Bloom Motivational Exercise July 2016


At the end of the motivational exercise, some participants came forward as a pair or on their own to share what they received from it: Below is a text transcribed from a recording of what they said. Only initials of individuals are given.

Pair 1 J.R & D.J

D.J’s feedback

“J.R is very sharp, is very prophetic and what she said was very encouraging. Her advice was words I had heard and received before. I feel I have received something that I can actually wage a good warfare with and take forward. I am grateful when I do receive ministry that I can grab hold of and work with. I do not get the opportunity to do so often.”

J.R’s Feedback

“D.J is a man of many strengths I see so much in him and in his ministry. Many of us do not get the right encouragement as a result of that we can be isolated and as a result the way we also carry ourselves can be deceptive because people do not know the extent of what we are going through at a particular time and the encouragement we may need.

This exercise is good because it helps us to appreciate what we have and what we can impart into others. We do not see this enough in the body of Christ as we should be…we live in a time of great oppression at every angle…This type of exercise is excellent in helping us to encourage one another, to live up to those encouraging words and to give them out freely…”

Pair 2 M.O & H.L

M.O’s Feedback

“What I found from doing this exercise was that it opens up your eyes to what you actually have [gifts, talents, skills] and how you can make use of it and if you are using it, how you can even explore it more and go higher in it because God has given us gifts and talents we can actually use not just for ourselves but to bless others in situations we find ourselves in. I found it very very useful, really a blessing. Thank you very much to the organiser.

At times we get together we don’t know what each of us can do, we go by face value unless we talk to each other, so thank you very very much for this encouragement.

I want to say that we are loaded, everyone here is loaded [with gifts, talents and skills] don’t let anyone tell you that you are not loaded: “You can do all things through Christ who Strengthens you” (Phil 4:13).”

H.L’s feedback

“Thank you very much, I am quite a visual person.. Like to get engaged in something works really well.

When M.O and I swapped our papers it was like “wow, wow..We have all these qualities”, even that was enough for me to say that we tend to downplay what we have and what we do. [This exercise] really does give you more confidence. I hope that this exercise actually gives you more confidence in what you are doing or looking to do.

Yes it’s been an encouragement for me, and even the advise M.O gave me. I get reluctant accepting certain things from different people, but knowing that it is in a space like this and has come from Mark’s own heart and I can resonate that with what God has registered to me, he (M.O) even put scripture on it. All of that is even more helpful confirming a lot of things and giving confidence.”


“I found the exercise really helpful. It released a lot of inspiration and was able to unlock a lot of things that have been kept buried and kept on a back burner which has been brought more to the forefront. Obviously even when we go home, we can begin to release those things to the Father and re-engage in so many areas. I really felt it really helped me to flow, to minister to our sister here inspirationally as well. I really felt it also brought a level of bonding and intimacy with people you are actually doing the exercise with.”


“This is an amazing tool! I do coaching and training … It really impacted me, hence I put my hand up. She (her partner in the exercise) actually just re-launched a dream I had as a child which I never really thought about. Looking at my skills she put down [what she thought L.L should be doing] pioneering work, assisting church planting and ministry. X (her friend) has been speaking to me about ministry and I am like no! It really made an impact on me, so I can actually go to the Father now and say “ok let’s do this, I don’t want to say I don’t want to do this because I know I can by your strength so how can I do this?”

Even the advise you (referring to her partner) gave, I was almost in tears because you were consistent in correlating my gifts and abilities along a career path.

I had a long discussion last night about what do I want to do with my career and skills, even up to this morning ..what I had in mind is all completely changed now. I am more focuses on what Father wants me to do.

[speaking to Deborah creator of the exercise by God’s enabling] You need to go to churches with this. I am serious, also leaders in churches so they can then impart it to their churches. This is because we don’t do this in churches, we do it at work. This is a framework that can help people connect their talents with their choice of career path.”

We give thanks and praise to God.

Feedback on In Full Bloom Motivational Exercise: 2nd July 2016 prophetic Identity, Destiny & Holiness Seminar: Rise-Up, Thou Anointed & Favoured of God! (I) at 10-5pm Venue: Tooting URC church, Rookstone Road, Tooting Broadway


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  49. Le sigh. I miss France so bad it hurts. Paris is my favorite place on Earth. Four years ago, I moved to Bordeaux for five months. I lived in the dorms, though, which were FAR from quaint. We cooked on unreliable electric ranges every night, making do without a refrigerator or microwave. It was an adventure. I would love to move back to France and live the life you described above. I absolutely love your February in France concept! Can’t wait to see your recipes!

  50. Que no Rafael, que no… que este país no tiene arreglo, esta gentuza no tienen dignidad, son unos/as aprovechados/as, pasan del pueblo olímpicamente, nos usan para su provecho y luego que nos den.Estamos condenados, solo nos queda el pataleo y tu blog.Salud compañero

  51. I’ve been to Mon Ami. I’ve had the pljeskavica. It was good (though I prefer the cevapcici).Call me a purist, but I just can’t see pljeskavica as a hamburger. The lamb, the giant patty and nonstandard bun, the lack of classic toppings, the Balkan association – I see the similarities, but it just doesn’t speak to me in the burger sense.Plus, I ate there with a Serb friend. When I asked for ketchup, he almost lost his mind.

  52. Bueno ¿y que tal la pizza? ¿dejan fumar en los restaurantes argentinos o tambien les ha dado la neura de cuidar a los ciudadanos pese a ellos mismos?. Otra pregu ¿tambien se circula en Argentina a 110 por autovia? aquí en España desde el lunes hasta ya dirán cuando, todos a 110 como mucho por autopistas y autovias. Fabi, no vuelvas, quedate por algún sitio que te guste que España ya no es lo que era, cada día nos aprietan más.Tu voto: 0  0

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  56. Beste Rob van Schaik,Onze regisseur heette destijds echt Wim van Schaik. Huub van Schaik is een naam die wij ons niet kunnen herinneren. Kennelijk waren er meerdere Van Schaiken actief met regisseren van theater.Wij wensen u veel succes met Uw zoektocht, het spijt ons niet te kunnen helpen met meer informatie.Hartelijke groet,Thalia Amsterdam

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  58. Oups…. PlantageDonc je disais (crotte je dois tout retaper) : Rama Yade s’offusque de quelques nuits dans un hôtel luxueux pour l’équipe de France (vont pas rester longtemps, au final le budget sera le même que les autres équipes) payé par le Fédé alors que Chritine Boutin gagne plus de 30 nuits de ce même hôtel par mois.Et c’est Bibi qui paie.Mais c’est normal hein.

  59. Saca Pico para mantenerse en el partido, 2-5 en el 3º. Tipsarevic es muy superior a Pico, igual gran año del tandilense, le tocó una 2º ronda muy difícil, ojalá pueda mantenerse como top 10, aunque lo veo difícil porque Raonic es muy probable siga avanzando en el torneo. Demasiado lo hecho por Mónaco este año, ojalá que el que viene mantenga esa constancia en los torneos que juega contra jugadores menores en ranking, y pueda seguir en el top 20 aunque sea!

  60. Hi Malt,Glad you’ve enjoyed the album! I don’t currently have tablature for any of my pieces, but it’s certainly under consideration. I’ll be putting out a “solo banjo vol. 2″ CD next year, and I might look into putting out a book with the tab from both CDs. If you’re subscribed to my e-mail list, you’ll be among the first to hear about any such developments. – Benji

  61. dianne williams, September 10, 2008 at 4:54 pm Never fly with then again on 5 january Darwin Airport closed due to Cyclone, will not refund money, claim I missed flight due to personal circumstances, their website claimed airport closed, did not answer phone number on web site, tried for 6 hours, engaged. Better to pay a few dollars more and know you will not have this BS. Now have to take them to Small Claims Tribunal to get money back, I guess they figure, if we make it hard enough, people will not bother.

  62. det bästa för oss (klubben) vore ju om vi fick en egen arena, blåvitt är för stort lag för att dela arena med gajs o öjs. jag tyckte själv, rendan från början att de e idioti att först vara med på en kommunal arena o sedan bli tvungen att bygga en ny, för att klubben kommer o växa. idioti idioti gamla ulleviii

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