When creating a web design for personal use or even business, it can be confusing as a beginner. If you are a beginner just starting out web designing, it is easy to fall into making the most basic mistakes. Heck, even professional web designers sometimes make these common mistakes.

  1. Too much text
    One of the most common mistakes beginners make is by putting less images on the pages. If there are too much text, users will not want to scroll through the website as it would not look visually pleasing to the eyes. Pictures are always a better option as the quote says “pictures tells a thousand words”.
  2. Too many different fonts
    Another most common mistake is by using various fonts on a single web page. There should only be a maximum of 2 types of fonts to ensure consistency of the overall layout design. With too many fonts, the design will look cluttered and messy.
  3. Bad color contrast
    It is vital to choose the right colours for your website as color contract plays an important role. The reason being, if the background of the text is a light colour and the text is bright as well, the text cannot be seen. Text and icons usually should be a darker colour than the backgrounds in order for it to be readable.
  4. Not mobile friendly
    In this generation, majority of the users come from mobil web. It is important to consider the web design to be mobile-friendly. Luckily, most of the web design Malaysia agencies provide responsive, mobile-friendly websites.

Starting out web designing as a beginner can be a difficult process, but fret not as there are many resources online to refer to. If there is a time where you ever want to seek professional help, contact any web design Malaysia agency.

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